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Contingency Fee Consulting


Platt & Associates offers a pure contingency fee consulting service to owners & heirs of unclaimed assets.

If we contact you about a potential claim, payment for our claims management services are only due if we are successful in receiving a pay out on the claim. If the claim is denied, you are not obligated to us for any cost.

Platt & Associates - UnclaimedCashUSA.com

Proper Documentation

We insure that proper documentation is submitted with the initial claim, increasing your chances for a speedy payout.

Platt & Associates - UnclaimedCashUSA.com

Competing Claims

If another party files a claim for the same money, it may increase the chances of a denial of your claim or reduced payout. You may be required to defend your claim & possibly present proof that the opposing claim is not valid.

Platt & Associates - UnclaimedCashUSA.com

Specific Claim Procedure

Each fiduciary holding unclaimed assets has a very specific claims procedure that must be followed to the letter. Failure to follow the procedure will increase the chances of your claim being denied and will no doubt delay the payout.

Platt & Associates - UnclaimedCashUSA.com

Heirs to Estates

If your claim is based on assets left to you in a Will, you may be required to Probate the estate in the proper court jurisdiction and hire an attorney to represent your interest. As your claim representative, we have attorneys in various states that work with our firm on a contingency fee bases, therefore no upfront legal fees are required.

Familiar Name & Face - It helps to know someone in the local claims office. Most of the time, we submit claims to the same fiduciary on a regular basis, we are familiar with them and they are familiar with us.

Claims Purchases/Cash Advance
Platt & Associates can provide you with quick cash, so you don’t have to wait months for your claim to be paid. If your claim is denied, you keep the cash we gave you. This is NOT a loan.
In most cases we can approve the purchase/advance within 1 week and have your cash in hand the 2nd week.

Did You Received a Call or Letter with a Claim Number ?

If you are one of fortunate that received a letter or call from Platt & Associates and would like to verify that it is legitimate, contact our office immediately with your claim number to speak with a Claims Associate.

1. Our Claim Associates will do their best to answer your questions and provide you with as much information as possible about the letter.
2. Our Claims Associate will need to gather some basic contact information, so a Claims Manager can speak with you to initiate a Claim, when you are ready to start the process.

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